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ECO Greenway

One of the foundation principles of AdventHealth Redmond is a whole-person approach to help people take their health – and life into their own hands. This encouraging a philosophy of optimum health is embodied in the CREATION Life concept. CREATION Life stands for Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook, and Nutrition. The company is honored to partner with Rome-Floyd County TRED to bring this program to the community after recently being granted naming rights for the ECO Greenway system. AdventHealth Redmond has committed to various enhancements throughout the trail system in multiple phases. The phases include physical and environmental enhancements, programmatic enhancements, and marketing and community support.


The first phase of enhancements will begin in early 2024 by creating an Urban food forest at Kingfisher Trail, north of the Bob Moore Bridge. This innovative concept aligns with AdventHealth’s Community Health Needs Plan and will provide the South Rome community with a supplemental healthy food source. For example, the forest will feature blueberry bushes, mulberry trees, plums, pears, and apples.

The second phase is tentatively scheduled at the Mount Berry Trailhead. Visitors will enjoy a new covered pavilion and children’s play area conveniently located adjacent to the trailhead parking area. This enhancement will allow families to spend time outdoors and connect with friends.


The dedication of AdventHealth Redmond is demonstrated once again as its professionals work to inform citizens through valuable interpersonal opportunities with the natural beauty of the ECO Greenway as the backdrop. One such program is Walk with a Doc, which is open to the public. Coordinated with TRED, these guided events cover topics of interest to the community regarding health, wellness, and quality of life. Another proposed event is a Feel Whole Stroll, geared toward survivors of health conditions to celebrate their recovery. Also, Exercise Training will be provided by a rehab therapist or sports medicine as they demonstrate the use of the exercise equipment at Ridge Ferry Park. This equipment was installed by The Heart of the Community Foundation, which has long been associated with the AdventHealth ECO Greenway.


In an exerted effort to increase the use of the trail and share the benefits available to our citizens and community, AdventHealth will create a series of testimonial videos. Tales from the Trail will feature trail users sharing their favorite parts of the trail, what events they enjoy, and the impact of the trail system on their lifestyle. AdventHealth will also serve as a premier sponsor for the TRED event and conduct monthly trail clean-up sessions with Keep Rome Floyd Beautiful.

“I am thrilled about the opportunity to partner with the City of Rome and TRED to not only name the trail system but to provide additional opportunities and enhancements that will lead to a healthier community, enhance peoples’ quality of life and even improve the economy.”


Many studies have highlighted the benefits of spending time outdoors. Based on data from PRA (ParkRx) benefits of nature and outdoor activities include:


  • Exercising in natural environments has greater physical and mental health benefits than exercising indoors.
  • Access to nature lowers rates of obesity and depression.
  • Spending more time outside leads to increased physical activity.
  • Increased outdoor play in preschools leads to a decreased risk of obesity.


Decrease in Diabetes

  • Higher residential greenness appears to be associated with a lower prevalence of diabetes.
  • Children engaging in green exercise have shown to have a lower blood pressure than when engaging in standard exercise.


Cardiovascular Health

  • Increased neighborhood greenness is associated with improved cardiovascular health and a decreased risk of stroke.
  • Individuals living in areas with the greatest amount of greenspace have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.


Improved Sleep

  • Time outdoors is associated with improved sleep.
  • Exposure to neighborhood greenness is also associated with improved sleep quality.



  • Less time spent outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic was associated with higher depression and anxiety.
  • People with depression who walk in nature have an improved mood.
  • The prevalence of depression decreased in neighborhoods with vegetation cover and bird abundance.
  • Higher levels of greenspace are associated with low levels of depression.


Decreased Stress and Anxiety

  • Time in nature significantly reduces anxiety and stress in children.
  • Nature can significantly reduce cortisol levels.
  • Neighborhood characteristics such as vegetation cover and afternoon bird abundance were positively associated with a lower prevalence of anxiety and stress.
  • Exercising in natural environments relieves stress better than exercising indoors.


Improved ADHD Symptoms

  • Time in nature has been shown to significantly reduce ADHD symptoms.
  • Natural schoolyards have been shown to decrease behavioral problems.
  • Children with ADHD concentrate better after walking in a park than in another setting.


Increased Focus and Restorative Properties

  • Exercising in natural environments restores attentional levels better than exercising indoors.
  • Recess in a natural environment has been shown to improve restorativeness and tests of cognitive performance.


Increased Sense of Well-being, Self-concept and Resiliency, Less Rumination

  • Marginalized students with emotional and social difficulties who participated in an outdoor education program had significantly greater improvements in self-concept than a control group.
  • The availability of quality neighbored greenspace is associated with a greater sense of well-being in adults and children.
  • Exposure to nature has been associated with decreased activity of the “rumination center’ in our brain and improved affect.
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