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Bellus Wax Studio

Determination, dedication, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
Born in California to immigrants, Juliana Duarte spent her early formative years in her parents’ native Mexico. In 2002, the family relocated to Silver Creek, Georgia, when she was 14. The oldest of four children, she attended Pepperell Middle School. While adjusting to her new country, there were challenges to face and overcome. “When I first went to school, I was the only Spanish-speaking person in my class. It was a difficult time, and I wanted to return to Mexico. But as time passed, things got better, and I started to love my new home,” she says.
After graduating from Pepperell High School in 2007, Duarte continued her education at Empire Beauty School. After completing the course and receiving her license, she had planned to become a hairstylist. However, she began to look for more challenges and growth opportunities. That is when she began to work exclusively in body waxing services.
Duarte has always been encouraged to follow her dreams by her family, and she decided to open her own business. In 2018, Juliana opened Bellus Wax Studio, one of Rome’s first Brazilian Wax specialty salons. As the business grew, the salon moved downtown in late 2020. Located at 307 East Second Avenue, they specialize in full body waxing for women and men and other self-care services.
One of the most important aspects of the business for Bellus Wax Studio is its dedication to customer satisfaction. Often referred to as “love notes” from clients, the team cherishes positive feedback and referrals. Currently, Bellus has five employees committed to their customers’ needs.
While building the business, Duarte continued her education, pursuing a license to become an esthetician, which will be completed in Spring 2023. She looks forward to the continued success of Bellus Wax Studio, and plans are in the works to expand to a full-service day spa focusing on body treatments and holistic services in the future. She wants the studio to be a welcoming and relaxing place and to serve the community by partnering with other businesses to give back to the community.
When reflecting on her life experiences as a newcomer to America, she says, “You learn from different people and personalities. As we learn, we can understand each other and appreciate our differences allowing us to work together to improve our community.”
Left to right: Chona Zavala, Ceci Phasavath, Rosy Reyes, Allison Hubbard, Claudia Navichoque, Juliana Duarte

Bellus Wax Studio is located at 306 East Second Avenue. For more information, visit