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Nature’s Beauty

Pollinator Gardens
A pollinator garden is designed to contain plants to provide food and shelter to animals (bees, birds, butterflies, moths, wasps, bats, and small mammals) that pollinate plants that support the local ecosystem and food web. Pollinator gardens are often made up of native plants, but non-native plants pollinator gardens can still support local wildlife.
Located on Clock Tower Hill, East Second Street

As Time Goes By Garden

This lovely garden celebrates the changing of the seasons throughout Rome. Located on the Clock Tower’s eastern flank, John Schulz designed it for visitors to enjoy year-round blooms reflecting the changing time of year. Plants in the garden include camellias, drift and coral drift roses, gold mount spirea, hydrangea, frostproof gardenia, autumn fern, “stained glass” hostas, dogwood trees, tea olive tree, the buddleia butterfly bush, and much more.
501 Riverside Parkway, Rome
Chieftains Museum Demonstration Garden
Using documents related to the Chieftain Museum/Major Ridge Home, the museum created a garden representing the various orchards that Major Ridge had on the land 200 years ago. Many of the original plantings on what was once a 200-plus acre plantation are in the garden, including plum, fig, peach, cherry apple, quince trees, and ten different types of blueberry bushes.
20 Myrtle St SW, Rome
Meditation Garden at Myrtle Hill
The garden overlooking Myrtle Hill at the river confluence provides a place of beauty and serenity. The landscape plan echoes the allure of Rome’s seven hills and three rivers. Seven berms represent the seven hills: Myrtle, Mount Aventine, Old Shorter Hill, Clock Tower, Lumpkin, Blossom, and Jackson. Winding pebbled paths represent the three rivers: Oostanaula, Etowah, and the Coosa. Late landscape artist John Schultz brought over 30+ years of design experience to create this place of meditation and serenity for all to enjoy.
393 Riverside Parkway, Rome
Ridge and Valley Native Plant Garden
This center hosts many educational programs on the area’s ecology and Northwest Georgia. Located outside the front of the Rome Floyd Eco Center is a pollinator garden full of plantings native to the area.
located on Clock Tower Hill, East Second Street, Rome
Rome Clock Tower Garden
This garden graces the hill of the clock tower and provides a beautiful, serene setting to enjoy views of the city from the hill. Each of these gardens is also listed on the Rosalyn Carter Butterfly Trail.

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