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Newby Farm & Vinyard

Perfecting the Perfect Crop

The 4 ½ acres of farmland on Billy Pyle Road has been in the Newby family since 1950. When the next generation of owners, Shannon and Billy Newby, took over the land, they searched for the ideal crop to plant. In 2015, they planted the first grape vines and have been renovating and perfecting the crop since.

The first vines planted were Blanc du Bois, a white grape developed partly by the University of Florida. “After planting, there was not really anything to harvest for the first two years. But by the fourth year, production was in full swing,” said Billy. The farm later added their other primary variety, Lenoir grapes. Both of these varieties are hardy and disease resistant, which has led to a successful harvest.

Newby Farm and Vineyard currently has over 2800 vines harvested by hand. Billy said, “When it is time to harvest, it is all hands on deck. We are fortunate that family and friends are willing to help.” Once the grapes are picked, the vinting process is done on-site. The current lineup includes 11 varieties, four white wines, three reds, and three rosés.

The young vineyard has already won several awards. Their Harmony Rosé took second place at the New York International Wine Competition. And the Blanc DuBois was honored with the bronze medal. The competition had over 1400 different wines submitted. However, the greatest honor at the New York
competition was the Georgia Winery of the Year.

As the company continues to grow, the Newbys hope to open the vineyard to tastings, tours, weddings, and other special events.

In April 2021, they opened a wine tasting room at 411 Broad Street. It has become a great place to meet friends and enjoy live music.